Museo Nazionale San Gottardo


The Gotthard Museum evokes and vividly represents both the importance and influence of this route – economically, strategically, politically, and culturally speaking.

The museum is located in a 1834 building which used to be used for stops and as customs house and hotel for passengers transiting on coaches. A visit to the museum will give you knowledge of Switzerland and will be useful to those who wish to better understand the country’s soul. The museum exhibits reconstructions, reliefs, plastic models, documents, arms and uniforms, pieces of art, minerals, rare objects and antique vehicles. The museum often organizes temporary exhibitions. Captions and guided tours are presented in four languages: Italian, French, German and English. Guests may dine in the restaurant or may request the organization of banquets.


Opening time:

Every day from 09.00 am - 06.00 pm




Casella Postale 228
6780 Airolo
Tel: +41 91 869 12 35